October 4, 2020

I am Richard Lupton and purehack is my dumping ground for technical articles and things. I have another site here which is more mixed in content, although it also contains quite a bit of technical content.

I created floki in my prior role, and still maintain it alongside Max Dymond. It replaces the numerous run_docker.sh scripts that are typically included in repositories with containerised builds.

I currently work at Google as a software engineer in SRE, doing my bit to keep the Google networks running. Prior to this I worked at Metaswitch, predominantly on a SIP SBC and a SIP loadbalancer.

My prior training is in mathematics, researching Analytic Topology and it’s interactions with Set Theory. I did my undergraduate and PhD at Oxford University.

I originally taught myself to program in C around the age of 11 or 12. I like working on high-performance and constrained systems, as well as thinking about problems at a more abstract level. This means I like working in many languages, from C and Rust to Haskell.